Welcome to Xi Chapter's Website! Alpha Omega Epsilon is a professional and social sorority that promotes women in engineering and technical science. Our sorority began with a group of brave women at Marquette University and has since reached over 40 other universities! Our chapter here at Clemson began with 18 women and has since grown to over 90 active sisters.

We thrive on Friendship, Leadership, and Professionalism. As a social sorority, we do everything a normal sorority does. From getting dressed up to go to formal to staying in for a movie date, we love spending time with our sisters! But as women in STEM, our academics and careers come first which we encourage with resume workshops, study halls, and career fairs.

The sisters in our sorority are unlike others. We participate in several other clubs on campus, maintain high GPAs, solidify job offers through co-ops and internships, travel the world, give back to our community, and more! We have had girls participate in the Homecoming pageant, be the only female Drum Major of our marching band, intern at Disney World, win intramural tournaments, and leave college with a high GPA. Even though we're the engineering sorority on campus, we are definitely not just a group of nerds! All of our sisters are unique and beautiful, and we continue to foster stronger bonds of sisterhood every day.

on this page:

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A Letter from the Xi Chapter President:

Sisters, Alumnae, and other visitors, welcome to the Xi Chapter’s website! We are excited that you have taken the time to check us out and see what we are all about. Being a part of this sorority has shaped my college experience and helped me grow academically, professionally, and socially. The support and guidance offered by fellow sisters and alumnae is irreplaceable and never ending. I am proud to be a part of a sisterhood so strong that it has become my home away from home.

Sisters and Alumnae~ Thank you for making Alpha Omega Epsilon what it is today. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to such a rewarding organization. Feel free to browse our Committee and Recruitment pages for new ideas, we love to learn things from you! Let us know if you are in the Clemson area, we love to meet up with fellow sisters!

Visitors~ Interested in joining? Check out our Recruitment Page to see our upcoming Recruitment events. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at alpomep@g.clemson.edu, or you can specifically contact our Membership Educator, Holly Criss (aoememedu@gmail.com), who works directly with our candidates during their journey to sisterhood. Keep reading below to learn about our mission, ideals, and objectives. Check out the Committee Page to learn more about specific events. 

It is my honor to serve as the Xi Chapter’s President at Clemson this year and lead such a brilliant and fearless group of women. I am excited for what’s in store this coming year and all the new people I will meet as we continue to grow!

In Sisterhood,

Logan Ferland (pictured on the right in photograph)


Our Mission

Alpha Omega Epsilon is a professional and social sorority founded in 1983 that promotes friendship, leadership, and professionalism to all members of the Organization, the community, and our professions.
  • As an individual, I will promote integrity, character, honesty, self-confidence, and uphold my financial responsibilities.

  • As a sorority, we will promote unity, friendship, professionalism, following traditions, and maintaining our image.

  • As an integral part of our school, we will promote engineering and technical science activities, high scholastic standards, and strong relations between students and faculty.

  • As an active member in the community, we will promote understanding, knowledge, and communication within our professions.

Our Ideals

Our Objectives
  • To create friendships while promoting self-confidence, professionalism, and motivation among female engineers and technical scientists of all curricula.

  • To work for the betterment of the individual and the Sorority as a whole.

  • To create a friendly and warm environment among its members.

  • To promote the welfare and interest of the profession.

  • To strengthen the relationships between students and faculty.

  • To enhance educational achievements and scholarship.

  • To help develop the highest standards of personal integrity and character.

  • To foster and maintain the bond of sisterhood through a continuing program for the alumnae.


What's New?

Mark your calendars!!! Our Recruitment Week is going to be magical! Make sure to come on out to our Info Nights on September 2 - 3 to hear more about Alpha Omega Epsilon and what the week has in store. We cannot wait to meet you and hope to see you during recruitment! 

For any questions, contact our Recruitment Chair, Chloe Champion, at cmchamp@clemson.edu 

Be sure to follow us @clemsonaoe on Instagram for more updates and check out our Facebook page! 

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